Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Walnut Creek: Safety

Video of Walnut Creek interviews on Safety

By: Alejandro, Jessica, Maria, and Lesley

While walking on the streets of Walnut Creek, a lot of police cars could be seen driving around patrolling the city. We saw a lot more police cars and motorcycle cops than we usually would see here in Oakland. They were doing what they’re supposed to do: keeping the city safe. We tried to find a security guard in a bank that we could interview but it was hard. Every bank we went to there were none. We think they don’t even need a security guard because nothing ever happens. In Oakland, we have a security guard for our banks and even regular stores.

In Walnut Creek, we only saw one homeless man. That is a huge difference from Oakland. They are all over the city and they don’t do nothing to help them out with it. In Walnut Creek, we saw no prostitution, and people we interviewed said that they didn't have prostitution. But in Oakland, there are girls selling their bodies at twelve years old.

There seems to be almost no crime in Walnut Creek. We think some people are afraid of young people like us. In our group, Alejandro had an experierience where, when he went up to an old lady and he asked her if he could interview her, she was scared and grabbed her bag. She didn't want to talk to us.

We think people should feel safe out there in Walnut Creek, because walking in Walnut Creek felt different. One member of our group was walking around with their iPod, and we were not afraid of anybody trying to steal it. When walking in the streets of Oakland we have anything in our hands, like an iPod, because we are afraid someone might try to steal it.


Anonymous said...

I never would have thought to look for a security guard in the bank. That's interesting that you thought of that as a sign of safety in a community. Are there a lot of security guards in Oakland banks?

Great start, guys! I'll be checking back here to see your next posting of other neighborhoods.

Sarah, England

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Alejandro! That's funny and sad at the same time. I think that old people are generally afraid of teenage boys, but that's not a nice thing for you to experience. I hope you keep going though, and that you keep interviewing people. I'm looking forward to reading your next post.

Liz, Maryland

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that your group commented on how there were lots of police officers in Walnut Creek and that felt like a good thing. I've heard youth in Oakland say really nasty things when they see cops out on the street. Can you explain that?

Sweetvi3tgrl said...

HI, I'm Jessica and I was part of the Safety Group for the Walnut Creek trip. I'm here to respond to Sarah's comment. Since our topic was on safety we thought it would be a good idea to interview someone who deals with that kind of stuff. We thought about interviewing a police officer or security guard. We see security guards in Oakland all the time in places like shops and banks so that's where we looked. We were really surprised that we couldn't find any because we see them all the time in Oakland. When I go to a Wells Fargo or Bank of America in Oakland, there is at least one security guard present.

Anonymous said...

Liz, This is Alejandro and thank you for reading my blog and that you really took the time to comment back about why old people fell that way. As a group we are posting a new blog soon.
Thank You

Anonymous said...

Sarah In Walnut Creek there were no security guard except for a jewelery store Oakland is known for violence thank you alejandro