Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fruitvale: Food

By: Vanessa, Claudia, Miguel, and Amairani

The Fruitvale Community has a majority of Latino food, but there are other types of food to try. The majority of people seem eat what is common like McDonalds, Jack In The Box, Tacos from the taco trucks, and Chinese food.

There seemed to be only one Japanese restaurant in Fruitvale, and they are very new. The owners try to convince costumers to try their food, because they didn't seem to have a lot of business. The business owners accept that the locations of their restaurants aren’t that safe, but they still like their community and they just try ways to stay safe, like closing early. The customers would mostly be Hispanic, since that is the majority of people who live in the Fruitvale district. There was also a pastry shop that specialized in New Orleans-style pastries that is really popular.

When we asked the interviewees to tell us what would they miss if they left Oakland. The most common response was hamburgers and burritos. The prices in Fruitvale are affordable to anyone in this area, who are mostly low-income workers. Our research showed that Fruitvale is about 94% are Hispanics, 1% Caucasian, 3% African American, and 1% other. We were surprised about the percentage, but knew that Fruitvale is mostly Latino.

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Anonymous said...

I like this article because it talks about food in Oakland and I visited most of these places you speak of!!!!=]