Monday, June 2, 2008

Old Oakland: Diversity

By Alejandra (Daniela and Brian were absent)

Friday was a lot of fun at our trip to Old Oakland. I never knew that every Friday we had a Farmer’s market there! Most of the sellers were from out of town, but they were all very nice and friendly. The best part of the farmer’s market was definitely the samples, yummm! I got to sample many different foods from fruits and vegetables (all organic), to granola and Indian food, and everything I tried was hella good. I think I’m SO going to start going there every Friday for some food, lol! But food wasn’t the only thing that was being sold out there, there was also this lady selling beautiful hand-made jewelry, and this guy selling African-type clothing, and "Oakland" t-shirts and stuff. The jewelry-selling lady told me that all the products being sold at the market HAD to be locally hand-made by the seller, so I thought that was pretty cool.

After all of that sampling I decided that I wanted to try some food from a restaurant near by, right in front of the market. It was a sushi place. I had smoked salmon and avocado rolls, and I also tried some chicken terriyaki rolls. They were delicious! It was great and I would definitely recommend it to others, but you would probably want to get your sushi to-go. The waiters were kind of creepy -- watching us eat our food - and not that friendly. But anyway, don’t forget to go to Old Oakland this Friday and get some yum-o food!

After the market, we went paddle-boating at Lake Merritt, which was a lot of fun as well. All my life, I have told myself that I would go out on the lake, and now look at us! I really didn’t want to do it, but I did want to know what it was like... so I did it anyway and it was such a great experience. The water, even though it’s filthy, looked very pretty. The sun was out so that made it better, and it was so relaxing. It’s the type of thing you would want to do when you want to spend some alone time, or with someone you like, to clear your mind and just relax, or just enjoy the nice weather.


Anonymous said...

That's cool that you were willing to try the food! Walking around markets is so fun when people give out free samples, and there are so many good things to try. Keep trying new things! : )

Sam, Australia

Dream-er said...

I also didn't know that they had Farmer Markets there. What really surprised me was that they had to make everthing they sold! That's pretty cool! =]=]

Anonymous said...

I've been paddle boating once on/in Lake Merritt, and thought it was lovely. It is funny that though Lake Merritt is dirty, it still feels so nice and peaceful out there on the lake. You see a different (quieter) view of Oakland all around you!

- Oaklander78

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with the work you are doing. Thank you for experiencing Oakland in a new way despite your fears and to analyze why it is people have such a negative view of such a great city, even the one who live here! I admire your courage to open a platform for people to dicuss their issues and concerns with Oakland. Keep up the great work!!