Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Castro: Food

By Jackie B., Henry, Laura, (Alejandra)

On our trip to the Castro District we saw a lot of different food. One place that we would recommend to eat if you ever go to the Castro, or are in the San Francisco area is Marcello’s Pizzeria. When one of us went there yesterday, they got a cheese slice and let me tell you…it was so good. Not to mention the price; on slice (depending on what you get) is pretty cheap. We got a slice for $2.95; it sounds like a lot, but the slices are like two in one. And they even have a thin crust (original style) and the thick slices (Sicilian style). We're definitely going there again.

One of us ate at a different pizza place at the Castro (forgot the name of it). The pizza was good, but the workers seemed rude. They look like they do get business; and, well who can blame them? They have good pizza. The workers don't look like they like working there, though. Actually, the kitchen looked dirty. And the oven where they heat up the pizza slices looks dirty. We would recommend going to eat there because the food is good, but then, at the same time, we wouldn't because we don't know the name of it and because it looks unsanitary.

There were also a lot of specialty food and candy stores there, selling little things that were special to the Castro. They had a candy shop called Hot Cookie that sold candy, cookies, and popsicles shaped like body parts. (It was like a banana with chocolate on top of it.) It was a really colorful store: they had colorful pictures of people eating their candy, and red boxer-shorts on the outside of the store with some rainbow strings. There was also a chocolate store where they sold a lot of different chocolates. It was eye-catching and very different than what we see in our neighborhood. From all the paints and colors around, you can tell they have a lot of pride in their street.

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