Monday, June 9, 2008

Alameda: Safety

By Cynthia, Yesenia, Olivia and Miguel

While interviewing in Alameda, we thought that we did a pretty good job with approching people and asking them if they wanted to get interviewed. Something that actually helped in our interviews was when we told them that they were going to be interviewed about safety. Their responses were really good: people in Alameda thought that their community was pretty safe in many ways. Most of the residents there have been living in Alameda for practically all their lives, and they haven’t felt insecure about living there.

Many residents at Alameda felt that their community there was really safe. There was people that even felt that they could walk around the streets at what ever time during the day or night, and not be afraid of anything. Even women. Overall it seemed that people at Alameda felt really safe in their community.

In Alameda, we got a lot of interviews than what we were "supposed" to have, because people were really friendly and seemed to like our topic. One lady compared to where they use to live (Lakeside) with Alameda. In her old neighborhood, she got mugged. She thinks it's much safer in Alameda, and that there are a lot of safety resources and there (like more police). The safety resources we found were many, since there was a fire department and a police department nearby and we would see cops patrolling the streets, driving around there. We even had a chance to interview a security officer and take a picture with him. In other places we would most likely find cops that wouldn’t want to get interviewed or even get a picture taken because of security.

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