Monday, June 2, 2008

Old Oakland: Food

By Vanessa R., Jackie P., Juven and Olivia

As we walked around Old Oakland, it was interesting to see the different kinds of food that they had there. In the farmers market, the stands would sell a lot of Chinese produce, like bok choy, because they had so many customers coming from Chinatown to buy their produce there. But that wasn’t the only type of foods there. They had all kinds of food. There was crepes, popcorn, tamales, Indian food, organic food, smoothies; they had a little bit of everything.

Since there were so many different kinds of people, all the stands were there to accommodate that. In farmers market there were a lot of stands that sold organic food. They were giving out free samples of food, and we really liked that! They gave out popcorn, tamales and dessert crepes and sorbet. They were good. They had a lot of different food that you could try. People were polite and nice. The biggest ethnic group we saw was Chinese, probably because we were only one block from Chinatown. There were also white people and African-American people, but it was weird because we didn’t really see Mexican people. We think that this is because they don't really know about the Old Oakland market, and most people we know are working on Friday.

During our trip to the Farmers Market, we saw a lot of people buying different things like fruit, vegetables and food. We also noticed that they were coming from different places around the Bay Area to sell things. One person told us that he came from Nevada, and a few others came from Richmond and Sacramento.

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Anonymous said...

Your reflection was very descriptive, and I could picture the setting, colors, and images of the farmer's market. I have been around Oakland for 8 years, and I don't think I've ever been to Old Oakland. I wonder if there's a way to advertise this some more because people are missing out on the tamales and crepes (some of my favorites). Looks like you all had a great time on your fielf trip. This makes me want to do my own exploring Oakland. Great job! -BP