Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Walnut Creek: Food

By: Amairani, Vanessa B., Claudia and Miguel

The varieties of food at Walnut Creek are Mexican, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, McDonalds, Burger King, Mediterranean, Greek, Thai, and Chinese food. They even had the "Walnut Creek Yacht Club" seafood restaurant. In restaurants we visted, some prices were affordable and some were not. At the crepe restaurant, it was not expensive. You could get something starting at $2-$6 dollars. In the Korean restaurant, the prices were starting at $4.95-$10 dollars and the catering company is starting at $9-$65 dollars. It depends on the type of food you order. The customers in the restaurants were mostly white and asian. Some looked like business people. Most of the employees in the restaurants were Latinos, and almost all of the owners of the restaurants we visted were also working there. Some also owned other restaurants around the area.

In Walnut Creek, there is a place called Crepes-to-go. In that restaurant, they sell French food. Our teachers, Mr. Lee and Mrs. Fitzgerald, encouraged us to try new food. When we arrived at the restaurant, we were looking at the menu and thought it was weird food. Finally, we decided to try crepes. We ordered "smoked turkey with cheese" and for desert we got "fresh strawberries with chocolate". We thought that we wouldn’t like it, but it was really good. Later, we went to a wine shop in Walnut Creek and we arrived just in time to see how they do the wine tasting. We saw the owner, Jeff, trying the wine and then spit it out into a bucket. We were surprised that Jeff spit it out, and we thought that he didn’t like the wine. After we talked to him, we realized that he spitting out the wine because he didn't want to get drunk.


Anonymous said...

That's really funny about the wine tasting! I thought the same thing when I first saw it. Once, I went wine-tasting and didn't want to spit out the wine. Later, I wished I had!

I'm looking forward to seeing your blogs about food from other places. I want to hear what kinds of food you have in your neighborhood. Is there something in your neighborhood that might be "weird" to someone else?

Liz, Maryland

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you tried the crepes! Keep trying new foods. It's a fun way to travel without leaving your town... just try food from other places and it's like going around the world -- or around the Bay Area!

Samuel, Australia

Anonymous said...

Wow, it seems that you really stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new. Did you know that there are crepe restaurants and wine tasting shops in Oakland? I went to one when I was visiting my cousin in Oakland. Keep up the writing, I'm excited to see what you find in other Bay Area locations.

Cintia, Florida

Anonymous said...

As somebody who lives in Oakland, and works in Walnut Creek, I am exposed to these differences you noticed between the two cities every day. You pointed out even more differences and interesting points that I hadn't considered before, even though I go back and forth between Walnut Creek and Oakland so frequently. I am glad that you took the time to make and articulate your observations. Where are you going next?

sumo said...

hi my name is miguel, i go to school in east oakland, the school is call life academy. i have been going there for three years. well when we went to the wine shop in walnut creek, i was surprised how jeff the owner of the wineshop called wine styles. i wa surprised how he was smelling the wine, and how he tasted the wine , he put some in his mouth then he spitted it out in a bucket. He explain that he did that so he wouln't get drunk by drikning the wine.yeah like seeing crack heads shooting up, people breaking into my neighborhood,the foods they got are mostly mexican food and liqour stores.i didn't know there were crepe shops and wine shops in oakland. well we are going to chinatown in oakland today.

Glenn Jacob said...

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