Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Walnut Creek: Aesthetics

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By: Delilah, Beatriz, Olivia, Vanessa R.

While walking during a typical day on Walnut Creek's streets, we noticed that they have big water fountains, a lot of trees, and wide sidewalks with no cracks. It’s a whole different story in Oakland and in our community. When walking in East Oakland's streets, it seems that everything is the opposite of Walnut Creek. Oakland's sidewalks are all trashy, cracks all over the sidewalk, and we don’t even have trees our anything like that. On the other hand, Walnut Creeks streets are very clean and well taken care of.

In Walnut Creek, peoples' appearance were very fancy. Some wore business suits and expensive clothing. On each street, there were expensive restaurants, when you walked by people seemed to have a good time and were not worring about how expensive it was. They also had a very expensive jewelry shop called Tiffany's. In Walnut Creek, people drive very nice cars, and most of those cars looked like new cars. These cars were very clean, and were very well taken care of. Out of maybe ten cars, only one might have been crashed, scratched, or had the bumper coming off.

The overall appearance of Walnut Creek is that it is a very expensive and clean place. They have a lot of plazas and restaurants. If you do want to shop out there you should bring a good amount of money, maybe more than $100.


Anonymous said...

You described Walnut Creek very well! But there are some places in Oakland with lots of trees -- like Rockridge, Lake Merritt, and Montclair. I think there are even places in Fruitvale with lots of trees... is that right? I bet you could use your $100 a lot better in Fruitvale, though!

Timothy, Berkeley

Anonymous said...

You're right, Walnut Creek is really clean. I think this has to do with the fact that houses there cost a lot of money, so people there pay more taxes, and those taxes can be spent on fixing the roads and sidewalks and stuff. In Oakland, the properties aren't as highly priced, so there isn't as much taxes to collect.... and Oakland owes a lot of money to the state of California... and has to pay for education, and transport, and other things too. It's a big problem!

Still, I think that there are many beautiful places in Oakland and I love living here. I'm sure that, even in East Oakland where you are, there are places that you think are nice to be.

I'm looking forward to your next post! Good start, guys!

Erin, Oakland

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Olivia. I am one of the contributers that wrote about the aesthetics in Walnut Creek compared to Oakland. Thanks for responding to our blog. Now that I think about it, yes there are a few trees around Fruitvale. The thing is that there are not enough trees, for example they have a few in a certain spots but not even one tree in other areas. More trees in Oakland would help make the enviroment look a lot better. About the $100: in Fruitvale there aren't as much fancy clothing stores that people could spend there money on. But what there is a lot of is economical restaurants were people could just spend a few bucks and have a good meal, and still have spare money for other things.


Luis Angel said...

Hello I am a classmate of the posters to this blog, It is true what they say about less greenery, and like other comments here there are indeed green spots in Oakland, but one cannot deny that these areas are less common. For instance when I returned from Mexico last year and I had to get up in the morning to go to my internship, the first thing that I noticed was that my street had alot less trees than the street where my house is in Mexico. The street looked naked and it was just completely weird.