Monday, June 2, 2008

Old Oakland: Health and Accessibility

By Delilah, Amairani, Alejandro and Cinthia

On Friday, our group went to Old Oakland to interview the people there about health and accessibility. Many of the people that we interviewed were not from Oakland, but from other places around the Bay Area.

What we saw were different types of healthy food, most of them were organic. At first, our group thought that we were not going to get any interviews: we thought it was going to be hard. Our first interview was this guy at this booth who sold organic sorbet. He let us sample the sorbets and they were good.

In Old Oakland, they didn't really have stuff like clinics. We think this is because Old Oakland is more of a historic site than a business place. There were old historic buildings. Everything looked really old. They were alot of different cultures there so it had some variety. Overall, Old Oakland is a really nice place to go shop or to just look around. They have a farmers market every Friday so if you wanna check it out its a really cool place to go for organic food.


Dream-er said...

That's true there were no clinics near by that area. But I'm sure there is something regarding health. =]

Beth Budwig said...

Hi, I'm glad you like the sorbets! I'm Beth, the girlfriend of Ari, who's one of the owners of Scream Sorbet - he's the bearded guy you spoke to at Old Oakland. :)

I don't think a dessert with sugar could ever be considered health food, but our sorbet is awfully healthy for being a dessert! We use whole fresh fruit in our sorbet, organic whenever possible, and we don't use the nasty gums and gelatins that are so common in ice cream. Feel free to check out our ingredients at