Monday, June 9, 2008

Alameda: Food

By Delilah, Vanessa, Alejandro and Lesley

The people that we got to interview in Alameda were really nice. We asked people that didn't look busy. Most people said that they really like the food that's there in Alameda. Most of them were teenagers from the high school, on lunch from the high school nearby, and of them were going toplaces like Jack 'n' the Box and the pizza place. There were also a lot of kids in the Starbucks. We saw that most of the food places were affordable. Wet hink that this is probably because of the high school nearby.

Overall, the interviews that we did get were okay. We feel that wecould have gotten more interviews. We only got four. Maybe this was because it was around lunch time, and people didn't want to give up their time.

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