Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Castro: Health and Accessibiltiy

By Vanessa B., Maria, Beatriz and Miguel

We noticed that the food on offer around the Castro was pretty healthy, and there were a lot of different choices. Most of the food was from restaurants and cafes, and there were hardly any take-outs or fast food places. If fact, we didn’t notice any fast food restaurants around the Castro district (we passed some in the Mission on the way to the Castro, though!).

The people around looked pretty fit and healthy. There were a lot of people running, riding their bikes, and walking quickly around the Castro. We even saw people running up the hilly streets, and lots of people walking dogs.

We interviewed people and we asked them what they do to eat healthy and they said they eat vegetables and organic food, and do a lot of exercise. We were really amazed because people in this district of San Francisco seem to care about their health and fitness. One person told us that San Francisco was nominated as one of the healthiest cities in the USA. In the Castro, we can see that focus on health is there. There are parks and places you can go visit and have fun with your family. Many people were in the park with us later, walking dogs and playing sports or just sitting in the sun and reading a book.

In the Castro district we found out there are several free clinic around the area, but not everyone we asked knew where they were. This shows that maybe those people don't live there, or aren't educated well enough about the clinics. Another person we interviewed said that he goes to a free clinic in that area, and the free clinics have a lot of patients and not enough staff. Others said that they paid health insurance and have their own doctor, but it would be better if there were more of these free clinics around to benefit others who really can't afford health insurance and medication.

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