Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lakeshore: Food

By Laura, Jackie, Alejandra, and Henry

On Monday, the WHYs Up crew went to the Lake Shore area of Oakland. While we were there we got something to eat. Some of us went to Noah’s Bagels and purchased a bacon and cheddar bagel. It. Was. Super. Special. Awesome. It was so filling with the omelet thing on top with the bacon and cheddar (drool). However, after that, we went to get a green tea milkshake at the Yogurt Deluxe. That was not so great. We don’t know if it was the ice cream or the fresh milk that they used, but it tasted kind of sour. From now on, we're only getting my green tea shakes at Lord’s in Castro Valley.

At Lake Merritt we interviewed five people about food. We saw some fast food restaurants there like a Subway, and a Chinese food place; they had a lot of Cafes, etc. They also had some healthy food stores where they would sell organic foods and pills to lose weight. They had a few restaurants that seemed like they had pretty healthy foods, like salads. The people we interviewed said that Lake Merritt is healthier then it used to be.


Anonymous said...

Your review was hilarious! Was the bacon and cheddar bagel from Noah's really that good? You sure made it sound that way. Now I really have to check out Lord's in Castro Valley.

I love the Lake Merritt area. There are A LOT of good eats! Some of my favorites include Lynn and Lu's, Prime Spot on Grand and my wife LOVES Rolling Dunes. I think it is alright...

- Lee, Oakland

Rice said...

Our City Councilperson, Pat Kernighan supported a community fight for better food options including the opening of Trader Joe's near Lake Merritt. I assume you also saw some healthier/good food options in Walnut Creek. How can we bring this same high standard of grocery stores and restaurants that are affordable in communities that need them? I think it is quite a dilemma. Would a healthy juice store be successful in all areas? What would work?

Square Bear (Jackie) said...

To Lee: Lee, Lee, Lee... of course our blog was so entertaining for you! I'm freakin' hillarious (how many times do I have to tell you people?)!! You really should go to Lord's Ice Cream though. It is SO good. Really. Go. Now.
To Rice: We did see a lot of healthy food options in Walnut Creek, and I think to bring that same quality would mean that we would have to get rid of a lot of the chain restaurants (especially all the fast food restaurants) and start up some locally owned places where the money we spend gets circulated back into the community, because that's the real problem. We're not putting as much money as we should in our community to make it healthier and more (as Shakir puts it) asthetically pleasing.
Thanks for commenting guys!