Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lakeshore: Diversity

By Amairani, Olivia and Ernesto

Our definition of diversity is when there are differences ethnic backgrounds, culture, and traditions, and to have a little of each race not just one race in that community.

To different people we interviewed they had a different definition of diversity, but there is no right and wrong answer. People at Lakeshore do think there is a lot of diversity because they see different kinds of people, food, and cars. We asked people if they saw diversity there they said they do and they liked it because it was different then other places. They say things are simpler there not like in other places. While we were at Lake Shore interviewing, we noticed that there were different types of ethnicities. This was really different than what we saw in the previous field trips we had go to, because in the other trips there weren’t that many types of diversity.


Rice said...

To be honest, I was a little disappointed in this analysis. I recognize that a blog is sometimes a little less formal, but this writing requires more editing. In terms of the content, I would have wanted much more information about what ethnicities you observed both at Lakeshore as well as the comparison elsewhere. I also would like to see this topic go deeper. I would like to know more about how much people observe diversity versus how much they actually interact with the diversity. In other words, someone might observe lots of ethnicities that are different from their own, but still choose to work with and socialize mostly with those that look like him/her. Are people more open to socializing with others in certain communities versus others?

Dream-er said...

Well, when I was given the topic of diversity I also found out that people have different definitions of diversity, which is weird. Since I didn't go to Lakeshore, was it similar to what we see here in East Oakland? What is most commonly seen in ethnicities?