Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lakeshore: Safety

By Jasmin, Yesenia and Jessica

In the Lakeshore community, a lot of people run around the lake to workout and stay healthy. We asked some of them about safety, and people said they thought it was safer in day light because people are surrounded by other people walking, and not running alone. Most people said they walk at noon and not at night because most burglary and crime happens at night. People said that there have been robberies in stores at night, and purse snatchings are common, too. Most people we interviewed said that the police don’t seem to try their best to respond for this actions. We interviewed this one lady who ran the Blockbuster Video store and she said that she has been robbed a couple of times. One time, the police were called and didn't arrive until two hours later.

The majority of the shopkeepers that we interviewed said that they didn't feel safe at night because of crimes that have happened before. They said that a lot of the stores, including their own, have been robbed or held up. When we asked them if they think the police are doing their job, they would say no. A guy at an autoshop told us that he didn't think the police are doing their job at all. One time, his friend was getting robbed, and somebody saw from across the street. That person ran to a policeman on the corner, and the policeman told the man to call 911 to have someone dispatched. The poiceman didn't go himself. People feel unsafe walking around their community, but they just have to deal with it, and watch their back when their walking aaround this community.


Rice said...

Lakeshore has been described in other blogs as having a higher socioeconomic status and more resources than other parts of Oakland. Should this area become a higher priority for police? If so, are you ok with that happening at the expense of police response in other parts of Oakland? My understanding is that OPD classifies calls based on how serious of a crime it is. Serious violent crimes get top priority versus theft. There is a website for the city where you can track the types of crimes in different neighborhoods. I would be interested to see how Lakeshore compares to others and to see if similar data is available for Walnut Creek. I definitely found it disturbing that a police officer who was on the seen did not respond at all.

Nani said...

I think that not all areas in lakeshore are unsafe I would feel unsafe if I live there and probably move. Where I live it is not in lakeshore but in East Oakland it is safe there are not a lot of problems. It is dissapointing to hear that the police don't really do their job so how can we expect to be safe in our community. There are times when people try to address this issue of safety but yet they increase the police and when we really need them they arrive late. It is something to think about when it comes to safety.