Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Castro: Safety

By Jasmin, Yesenia, Brian and Jessica

In the Castro community people said they felt safe in the daylight morning and afternoon. Some people said they felt safe because there were not a lot of people around in the morning and others said they felt safe because there were people around. In the Castro community, people said some stores have been robbed but it does not happen a lot, like in Oakland. This community is pretty much safe and not too many things happen around there.

When we interviewed people, we asked them how they felt while walking on the streets and a lot of them said they felt safer during the day. We asked them why and they said that it was because people tend to get drunk at night and cause "mayhem". There are a couple bars in the Castro District and there are people who like to go out at night and party. They end up getting drunk and do reckless things. When they walk around at night, they have to "watch their backs" in case a drunk person might do something. There have been cases of robberies and pickpocketing in The Castro.

When we went to the Castro in San Francisco, we interviewed people if they think the police are doing their job. Most of the people told us that they thought the police were doing their job, but when we asked a shopkeeper, he told us that he didn't think that the police were doing thier job: last time he got robbed, he called the police and they took two hours to get to him.

The Castro District in San Francisco seemed like a very nice community to visit. The people that got interviewed there thought that it was a really safe neighborhood. Though some people said that the night clubs and bars made it unsafe at night. But other than that, everyone there thought that it was a really safe neighborhood... but it could also be unsafe depending on what situation you involve yourself in.

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Esther said...

Thanks again for your insightful observations and comments. I just want to say that I have been learning so much from these blogs. I'm impressed by your very proactive approach to gathering information; interviewing people isn't easy to do, and the fact that they are giving you such honest and open responses tells me a lot about how you are conducting your research. Keep up the good work!
-Esther, Orange County